Free italian word games

Free italian word games. 

Learn italian words and phrases by playing word games online

The Play Learn Italian website is designed to help you learn italian – especially common and useful italian words – via a range of fun and free interactive games. It can help you practice everyday Italian words and phrases, and has been specifically designed to help those learning Italian as a second language. The italian word games on this site are popular with students and teachers, and can easily be integrated into classwork or homework.

So, whether you want to practice your english italian translations or italian english translations, improve your italian language vocabulary, learn about italian culture, or just refresh what you already know, then Play Learn Italian is here to help! The interactive word games on Play Learn Italian are a good way to help with second language acquisition and retention – and just as importantly, they are good fun! 

WordSeek (Parole Intrecciate)
Word Seek:  Can you find the words hidden somewhere in the grid? 
A fun way to improve your vocabulary by searching for the hidden italian words. Words may be located vertically or horizontally, forwards or backways. The clock is ticking - how quickly can you find them all?
Available language topics are:

Hangman (Impiccato)

Hangman: Can you guess the italian word before your chances run out?
Practice your italian language skills by guessing the letters in the mystery word.  Each wrong guess brings the man closer to being hung (impiccato). But guess all the letters in the word first and he goes free (libero)

Italian Wordseek Puzzle Book

This workbook is packed with 32 fun wordseek puzzles, each on a different vocabulary topic. If you like playing the games here, you'll love this workbook - it's perfect for school classes, travel games, or just those times when you don't have an internet connection!

Buy it now and improve your Italian! Available for only US$18. 

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